More and more people are getting excited and choosing canvas mounted photos because it is the most personalized treasure of great memories and it also rescues nice pictures from the album. Photo canvas is a method in which the high quality digital photo is converted into a work of art and printed in a high quality real fiber cotton canvas to give life to the photo. Canvassed photo give a great look on the walls of the house, offices because this can make the photo look very real and adds beauty to the photo as well as the wall and beautiful canvas art can be created using any of your favorite photos involving places, peoples, nature scenes, or even holiday spots.

Canvas printing is a technique that imprints the photo of your choice onto a canvas, like those used in oil painting, where you can create art suitable for hanging on your wall. It isn't just a matter of scanning the image into a computer, however. Most canvas artists draw your photo by hand and feed the image into a computer that is specially programmed to replicate the craftsmanship associated with a fine work of gallery art. The photo to canvas print can be framed with a beautiful wooden frame to add extra beauty to the frame. The canvas print are long lasting and provide high quality digital image when fine coated with lamination as a protective sheath for the photo to canvas prints.

Graphical effects can be applied to the photographs such as black and white or popular art, and high impact oil. Several new effects and styles are now available in many studios which can give meaning to our photos. Multi-cast canvas can also be done in which the photo is split and printed across multiple canvasses to give a striking look. Several devices are available which helps to capture the most priced moments on the spot that can be used and can be transformed from photos onto canvas. Photo onto canvas conversion makes the pictures real, long lasting and can be an amazing gift.

Computers, digital printing, and canvas paper are easy mediums to use to create a piece of artwork on canvas. The variations and opportunities of the artwork are endless, given altering abilities of photo-manipulation software. Making a custom piece integrating your own photos and artistic abilities creates a personalized, priceless piece of artwork.

Decide on the size of the artwork you are printing and the limitations of your computer and printer capabilities.  Choose a photo and decide if you would like this to be a focal point of the photo or a background image. Once the photo is in the computer, make alterations, size the image for the selected canvas size, and change the aspects of the photo such as contrast or color. Once the alteration is complete print the photo onto the canvas paper, but test print it on plain paper before printing the final photo.  If the photo is too large, you have to have it printed in a commercial printer.  Add a layer or two of details to the printed photo using acrylic paint and add a layer of paint, let it dry, and add the next layer.  By using a matte or gloss medium with paint will create a translucency that will allow the photo to be viewable when the paint is applied on top of the photo.