Art was once considered the larger it was the better. The frame of course had to be a little on the gaudy side and over powered most of the room. Today art has taken a turn for the better. Unexpectedly so, art investors have been searching out pieces for use in their office décor, art pieces without frames and printed or painted on Canvas. Companies throughout the world appreciate fine art even when the image is wrapped around the canvas; edges coated in the image grab the eye of many. This is a very unique way to incorporate an unframed art piece into the space. Whether your office has a strict policy or is more relaxed to welcome clients the choice is unanimous when it comes to framed art or canvas art.

Stringing several canvas art pieces in an office also allows for a continuation of a story or a unique of point of view of the overall captured image. Today's busy schedules rarely allow for a quick visit to some serene place. Canvas images give the appearance of being delicate and intricate at the same time. Through your works of art, printed on fine canvas you will be opening new doorways for many people to visit and admire. Fotoviva is the only web site devoted to helping you make the right decisions for your photos.

Canvas prints are often the most sought after pieces because they are considered less expensive than framed art work. With framed art work you face the cost of having the glass, the matt and the frame. As the images begin to get larger, the price for all three goes up. After making minor changes, you've found the price has gone from ₤55 to ₤145. Canvas can be expensive as well. Small canvas art works start at ₤45 and go on for millions of pounds. With a canvas you never see the wooden frame, especially with the canvas material stretched over them. The natural wooden frame is an excellent choice as it allows the canvas to breathe. Extended exposure to the air allows the oil paints to dry extensively.

Canvas art with your photo is taking up the industry as fast as it can go. This popular niche was created to share memories with people you love. Wall art is a great gift for your student going away to college, grandparents that live on the other side of the world or even as a reminder for the woman or man you love.