Why do we need art in the office you may ask? Of course, the office is a working environment, not a gallery where we sit and appreciate forms of art. However, that doesn't change the fact that having art prints hanging in your office will improve your moods and make you work better!

Art can make me work better? Yep, you read it right, wall prints have a great way of bringing a creative and inspirational mood to your working environment, thus making happier and more productive business people. And the great thing about using art in the office is that it's easy to buy and great value for money (as long as you buy reproductions and not original paintings!).

At Fotoviva Art Prints we have written a nice little guide on how to use office wall art to great effect, so have a read of that post for an in-depth understanding, but here are a few highlights…
  • Choose canvas art, acrylic prints or framed artwork
  • Buy office art that suits your company image
  • Make sure the art prints are the right size for your wall space
  • Ensure the colours work within your business office design
  • Look online for great office art deals
Studies have shown over the years that having art pictures in your office can improve the atmosphere and moods of the employers, making them feel happier and more inclined to enjoy their jobs. With office picture starting from as little as £20 there's no reason not to buy office art for your company, so browse some online galleries such as Fotoviva and buy some delicious wall art for your office today!